Busy Bee Academy 
Childcare Center

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Busy Bee Academy
State Certified Day Care Center and Pre-school

- Now ENROLLING for full and part time
- Offering safe and loving care for children 1 - 7 years of age
- Well educated and experienced teachers
- Professional, age appropriate curriculum
- daily arts and crafts
- Foreign language introduction (Spanish)
- Safe, clean, age appropriate toys and equipment
- Early reading program
- Hot nutritious, Breakfast, lunches and snacks
- Indoor/Outdoor gross motor activities
- Playground
- Beginning computer skills
- DHS accepted

We are located at 1355 River Road, next to Hosanna children's dance studio and Domino's Pizza.

Contact us for a tour today!

Phone- (541) 357-5446


We run a full preschool program in all classes based on the skill level and interests of our students.  We pride ourselves on kindergarten ready kids!

Fun Loving Staff

We love play.  We love to show kids that you never have to lose that fun side of yourself.  Because play is learning.

Indoor and Outdoor

The power of play is not just for inside.  Children learn by doing and we love to give them hands on experiences no matter the venue.